Monthly Archives: January 2014

Here’s Me…….

57th birthday  I’m Jeannie….I consider myself to be a ‘misplaced Hawaiian’ because even tho I am proud to be Hoosier-born & raised, I’m currently living   in central Florida but am always trying to get back to my fave place: Hawaii! Eleven times I’ve been there so far; I attended college there,    even lived on Oahu while my 3 kiddies were young & my (now-ex)hubby was away on an Air Force mission far up north on the Arctic    Circle….and I’ve proclaimed that trip #12 will be a one-way trip!

 I decided to start a blog because I like to write. I have a lot of memories that I’d like to preserve before I forget them. I’m ‘supposedly  handicapped’ now and this is not something that I feel that I wanna just accept and sit around awaiting my mind to forget everything. So I’ll  recall little jaunts and happinesses, perhaps even toss in an opinion occasionally, and eagerly see where this new adventure/journey takes  me!

 I’ve been actively involved in the Travel & Tourism Industry for most of my adult life, even before college. This has always been rewarding and enriching to me. During college in Honolulu in the 70s I worked for a Vacation Club and also as a tour guide. Through the years I’ve been employed at various other Vacation Clubs, Travel Agencies, timeshares, and reservation centers. I have traveled extensively throughout each & every inhabited Hawaiian Island (altho I’ve only been to the ‘forbidden’ private island of Niihau once as a guest of a resident). I’ve also traveled to 16 of the countries of Europe, many of the Caribbean & Pacific Isles, and several countries in Central & South America. Having lived in central Florida for lotsa years now, I’ve happily played a role that surprisingly has given my 3 adult children & myself a giant cheerful Mouse as a wonderful boss! This has also allowed me to see situations in a new and Magical way that indeed allows me a very unique outlook. Even tho I am considered ‘mostly retired’, I still get a tremendous amount of joy in helping others plan their vacations! I consider myself to be an EXPERT in 2 areas: Hawaii & Disney! I still make myself available, at no additional charge, to help out tour groups (I’m an excellent tour guide) of vets, handicapped, elderly, etc. and do so willingly and happily because this is my way of ‘giving back’! Just because I am now considered ‘disabled’ by a stupid label does not mean that I am not ABLE to still enjoy helping others to have fun!

I invite you to come along for my latest journey!