Irish Twins

Hawaii 1987 Joey is 2 & Jill is 3

“Welcome to your last day of being 28!” These are the words I’ll tell my youngest child tomorrow on the day before his 29th birthday. This is a family tradition that we’ve been doing for as long as I’ve been a Mama. The morning before each child’s birthday I awaken them by reminding him/her that it’s the last day that they’ll be that particular age. It’s always been the first thing that I say on that day and they’ve come to expect it, even though my 3 children are now adults. My 2 youngest  children are what many folks lovingly and teasingly refer to as ‘IRISH TWINS‘, meaning that they are less than a year apart in age, so the day that my youngest child turns 29 will also be the day that he ‘catches up’ to his sister again! This has always been a delightful 2-week period for me each year when these 2 kiddies are of the same age. He’s always gotten such a big kick outa being the  same age as his sis for a while, but it’s always been much to her dismay! She’s always hated it just as much  as he’s always enjoyed it! My own birthday falls exactly in between the two of theirs, making each  July quite the month of celebrations for our family. Besides our nation’s Independence, we celebrate 3 Thursdays-in-a-row of birthdays this year, plus my brother’s birthday too. Try explaining THAT to an employer when your children are young and you really do need 3 of the same days in the same month as vacation days! It’s nearly unbelievable!

My adorable daughter was born exactly a week after my 28th birthday. She was 3 weeks overdue, as was her big brother 2&1/4 years before. So I was assuming that baby #3 would be 3 weeks overdue also but the Obstetrician had told me that usually only the first babies were overdue. Since baby #2 had taken just an hour of labor and we lived 40 minutes from the USAF hospital where delivery was to occur….well, I’d better get to the hospital if I even felt a teeny flutter so that I wouldn’t have this baby in the hallway with an audience of more than 40 onlookers like last time! So at about 4:00 in the morning I awoke with a thought, (however not in labor), but I nudged my husband nonetheless and awakened him too. He said “Is it time yet?” I told him it wasn’t time but that I just had a feeling that since last year I’d had our daughter exactly 1 week AFTER my birthday….then I was positive that this baby would be coming THAT DAY since it was exactly 1 week before my next birthday. Well, hubby wasn’t amused at my insight and told me to go back to sleep! I did, but it was a tiny nap because twenty minutes later I most definitely felt the first familiar contractions and suddenly I was IN LABOR! So my baby boy certainly DID arrive a week before my 29th birthday. This meant that I had 2 babies when I was 28 years old!

I’d originally wanted to have 6 boys….spaced approximately every 2 years. That sounded good to me at the time. However, having 3 children within 4 years was an amazing and awesome challenge. I didn’t get much sleep, was always busy, nor did I get any time to be by myself; but I’d not change it a bit. I enjoyed it tremendously! So much so that with EVERY pregnancy when my Obstetrician had thought that I was having twins. I’d get extremely excited for a couple of months; then disappointment would follow when the mid-pregnancy ultrasound would reveal a single baby. Of course, throughout the years I have always jokingly exclaimed that I really don’t think I could choose which 1 of my 3 kiddies that I could handle having a duplicate of!!! Oh my, I’d shudder at the thought! But now as the years have fled by and the 3 of them are adults; I’m changing my mind. They’re ADORABLE, silly, kind-hearted, joyful, compassionate adults. I’d be proud to have a double of any 1 of them or even of ALL of them!

So in a couple of days my baby boy will be turning 29. Then next week will be MY birthday. The following week the oldest of my ‘Irish Twins‘ will be turning 30 and will finally ‘pass up’ the little brother again. And of course, the day before, I’ll awaken her with these words: “Welcome to your last day of being 29!”


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