Seal Pups

I've had these sealpups for decades!

I’d originally bought these large stuffed SEAL PUPS on sale more than a decade ago with the intention of using them as gifts. It was an after-Christmas sale, which is the reason they’re wearing red plaid bows around their necks. At the time, I’d figured that I could change the bows to whatever appropriate occasion I might decide to give each of these SEAL PUPS as a gift. Maybe pink or blue for a Baby Shower or 1st Birthday, or even bright red ribbon for Valentine’s Day. My good intentions got waylaid tho because somehow these little fellas became a part of my bedroom decor!

We tend to move around a LOT. I have antique furniture in my own bedroom in which I am the 5th generation to be using. For some reason unknown to me, during one of these moves, my son just kinda stuffed these 3-feet long SEALS under my chest-of-drawers to get them out of the way while we were trying to decide what-goes-where in my bedroom. Their heads were sticking out, as in the photo, and we all just rather got used to seeing them thataway! I have tried putting them on my bed before but they’re much too large. I’ve put them other places but they’re still much too large. Babies have been born, and then had their 1st birthdays….but nope! I still have NOT given them away as gifts as was my original intent. I LIKE THEM NOW! They seem to belong under my chest-of-drawers, in my bedroom. So I reckon that’s where they’re gonna stay.

My little nieces used to lay on them while watching TV whenever they’d visit. Those girls are teens now. Maybe someday I’ll have grandbabies that’ll like to sit on them and I am imagining that there will be many stains to be gotten on the pups at that time. Like me, they won’t last forever but we are getting a lot of enjoyment out of them!

So we have continued to move several times since I’ve bought the SEAL PUPS, and they’re starting to get a few ‘age spots‘ (just like me) but that’s okay. My adult kids are very used to moving, they are ‘Air Force brats’ after all, that they’re rather adept at packing and unpacking. They can ‘put together a room‘ quickly. They know their old Mama very well, too. If’n I tell them which bedroom will be mine, I can betcha that the 3 of them would probably know exactly where I would place each piece of furniture before even asking me! Also, they’d know which quilts to put on my bed and in which order. My youngest child has ‘the eye’ for decoration, so he usually arranges my Indian vases and photo frames upon my dresser while my daughter arranges the array of hardback books in the bookcases. Of course, last but not least….the 2 familiar white SEAL PUPS get their place-of-honor: watching over everything from under my chest-of-drawers – – their home!


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