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Pearl’s Pearls

ImageMy Gramma Pearl went to heaven 10 years ago on Easter Sunday. Gramma lived next door to us, with just an acre of corn between us, in our tiny town as we were growing up. She most definitely was the “World’s Best Gramma” to my brothers & I plus a wonderful Great-Gramma to my kiddies. I have a feeling that my dozens and dozens of cousins would readily agree!

Gramma was our babysitter while our parents took their many vacations & would let us ‘get away with’ things that out folks never knew about! It was wonderful having her closeby so that she could be our confidante, referee when we quarreled with our folks, baker of numerous goodies, & she made sure we grew up in church. Big family get-togethers meant a lot to Gramma & really instilled a sense of FAMILY in us & I’m sooooo thankful for her. She liked telling people that she got 15 grandkids out of only 3 kids….but my favorite was the delightful twinkle she’d get in her eyes when somebody would ask her how many great-grandbabies she had because she’d say she wasn’t sure but that she knew it’s a LOT! (she honestly didn’t know!) She enjoyed telling others that she’d obeyed the Lord’s command to “be fruitful”! Seriously tho, it gave her tremendous pleasure to know that she will live on through (or dare I say ‘vicariously’?) her many offspring. She told me this numerous times; she loved us so much!

I got the strand of pearls for my Gramma that she wears in this photo. Many, many times I’ve enjoyed living in Hawaii and/or vacationing in these awe-inspiring islands of paradise. This particular time, my family was returning (once again) from a 14-month tour-of-duty in Hawaii & we managed to time it so that we could attend her 75th birthday celebration. I’d asked Gramma what gift she’d like from Hawaii this time (after soooo many visits, she had all the usual gifts that tourists bring to their loved ones back home!) Anyway, the subject of pearl earrings came up & Gramma mentioned that she’d have nothing to wear them with….upon further conversation I learned that my precious Grandmother was almost 75-years old & nobody had EVER given her a pearl…..AND HER NAME IS PEARL!!!! Oh My Goodness! I made up my mind that above all other gifts that I’d be bringing all my kinfolk this time, my Gramma was getting the best gift above all others. I would make sure that I found the prettiest pearl that I thought she’d adore since I adored her. It took me 2 months of searching (and saving money!) before I decided that I’d splurge and buy her a lovely strand of pearls because I knew that she’d wear them with pride. So that was my special gift that year, & she did wear them many, many times. Of course, I think she told anybody that’d listen about those pearls that her granddaughter brought to her from Hawaii!

After Gramma died, I got the pearls back. Now I proudly wear them every Easter in remembrance of the anniversary of her leaving us to go to live with our Lord, and also on every Mother’s Day, & on her every birthday! I love & miss my Gramma Pearl Jane Princie Bell Gross Spicer Zimmerman Nicoson! I was so very honored & privileged to have her as a constant part of almost 1/2-a-century of my life!


Here’s Me…….

57th birthday  I’m Jeannie….I consider myself to be a ‘misplaced Hawaiian’ because even tho I am proud to be Hoosier-born & raised, I’m currently living   in central Florida but am always trying to get back to my fave place: Hawaii! Eleven times I’ve been there so far; I attended college there,    even lived on Oahu while my 3 kiddies were young & my (now-ex)hubby was away on an Air Force mission far up north on the Arctic    Circle….and I’ve proclaimed that trip #12 will be a one-way trip!

 I decided to start a blog because I like to write. I have a lot of memories that I’d like to preserve before I forget them. I’m ‘supposedly  handicapped’ now and this is not something that I feel that I wanna just accept and sit around awaiting my mind to forget everything. So I’ll  recall little jaunts and happinesses, perhaps even toss in an opinion occasionally, and eagerly see where this new adventure/journey takes  me!

 I’ve been actively involved in the Travel & Tourism Industry for most of my adult life, even before college. This has always been rewarding and enriching to me. During college in Honolulu in the 70s I worked for a Vacation Club and also as a tour guide. Through the years I’ve been employed at various other Vacation Clubs, Travel Agencies, timeshares, and reservation centers. I have traveled extensively throughout each & every inhabited Hawaiian Island (altho I’ve only been to the ‘forbidden’ private island of Niihau once as a guest of a resident). I’ve also traveled to 16 of the countries of Europe, many of the Caribbean & Pacific Isles, and several countries in Central & South America. Having lived in central Florida for lotsa years now, I’ve happily played a role that surprisingly has given my 3 adult children & myself a giant cheerful Mouse as a wonderful boss! This has also allowed me to see situations in a new and Magical way that indeed allows me a very unique outlook. Even tho I am considered ‘mostly retired’, I still get a tremendous amount of joy in helping others plan their vacations! I consider myself to be an EXPERT in 2 areas: Hawaii & Disney! I still make myself available, at no additional charge, to help out tour groups (I’m an excellent tour guide) of vets, handicapped, elderly, etc. and do so willingly and happily because this is my way of ‘giving back’! Just because I am now considered ‘disabled’ by a stupid label does not mean that I am not ABLE to still enjoy helping others to have fun!

I invite you to come along for my latest journey!